Monday, 13 February 2012

Mike Dawes & Petteri Sariola

Mike Dawes & Petteri Sariola - (Both acts touring together) Contemporary Guitar  

Touring: 1st June to 6th June

Currently touring as a duo in June, Petteri and Mike have put together an outstanding show of original young contemporary guitar music, both artists will be performing solo sets followed buy a joint performance, video and music links can be seen on the artists websites.

Petteri Sariola is considered to be among the world's most innovative musicians of recent times. A Finnish native, Petteri combines soaring vocal melodies and inhuman guitar playing to create infectious grooves with a pop/funk sensibility. Having toured the world over to major critical acclaim, his first ever UK tour starts here. Not to be missed!

'If I could play like you I wouldn't build guitars.'
-Jean Larrivee, founder of Larrivee Guitars

Mike Dawes has spent previous years touring the UK as one half of an acclaimed guitar and concert harp duo. Helping spearhead the new wave of English acoustic guitarists, Mike is taking his new solo set on the road. With an intricate take on Celtic, blues, country and more, Mike Dawes will stun audiences with an honest, exciting and vastly varied repertoire.

'Incredible' - International Guitar Foundation
'Completely Spellbinding' - Evening Post

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