Monday, 13 February 2012

David Goo (Solo & Full Band)

David Goo (Solo & Full Band) - A cross between Frank Zappa, early Madness and a Serbian polka orchestra.
Touring:  (General Availability)  

One thing the UK has always been proud of is it’s celebration of eccentricity and that’s were David Goo fits perfectly into an out of box performance, his live shows are an interactive lyrical journey of damn rite silly-ness and tickled laughter, a cross between Frank Zappa and early Madness with a Serbian polka orchestra twist, The David Goo Variety Band have been gathering a loyal following thought London and the UK festival circuit playing their musically talented and energetic sets to an ever enthusiastic audience.
David is touring his new album release “World Domination” and forth coming single release of “Keep On Wishing” which is the sound track to the TV ads.

David is currently available as a solo artist or with the full band.
If you would like some more information and available dates for David Goo’s tour then please contact me by phone or email.

Thanks for you time

Alan Rooke
Booking Agent