Monday, 13 February 2012

Random Canyon Growlers

Random Canyon Growlers  - USA Bluegrass band
Touring : Oct 8th to Nov 4th 2012

Hard driving bluegrass & old time music boosted by lazer beam harmonies. That’s the most fitting description of Random Canyon Growlers. This group of ruffians formed in the Tetons a few years back and have accrued a very talented group of musicians from all over the Northern Rockies that they call upon to maintain their sound and vision.

Three members (David McMeekin, Jamie Drysdale, and Justin Moore) grew up together in the green rolling hills of Randolph, Vermont completely saturated by music. Heavily involved with both playing and singing, they formed a bond that has persisted through the years. Their harmonies are second to none and they now focus on the genres of bluegrass & old time.

After naturally parting ways to foster new experiences, Drysdale & McMeekin came back together in the Tetons where they met bassist Matt Donovan at the legendary Jackson Hole Hootenanny. The cohesive energy was immediate. After building a following and dialing in original material and arrangements, The Growlers sound echoed across the region. They have released one full-length studio album, Dickey Ain’t Got All Day and have plans to release a live album before the year’s end.

Random Canyon Growlers have played in many venues from bars to historic music halls to festival stages, but they continue to have a love of busking, or street performances. They identify with this environment as one that draws from traditional roots. Singing songs that promote following life’s driving forces without rhyme or reason, busking is an ideal representation of the band’s intent. This atmosphere allows passers by to display their appreciation on a level of personal value.

Jaws have been dropped in many states to their fresh take on a highly traditional form of Americana culture. Random Canyon Growlers are progressing quickly, pursuing new territories in the interest of nurturing their project. They’re highly aware of their potential and the sky seems to be the limit for this crew of enthusiastic musicians.

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